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This morning when I opened my eyes
I felt such an unspeakable vibrant joy
As I rose Lord with a song within me
Which your spirit moved my heart to employ

For you reminded me this morning Lord
With the wisdom of your living word
As I embraced its living power lovingly
Such praise was born inside to be heard

You chose this as a daily mission for me
because of the selfless love, you did see
You know I would have no fear of sharing
The deep love which lives inside for thee

In this dark world, I want all to know
A place they might choose in life to go
Moving forward without fear deep within
For our savior won’t let you walk alone.

Psalm 119:30
I have chosen the faithful way; I have
placed Your ordinances before me.

Psalm 25:12
Who is the man who fears the LORD? God
will teach him the path he should choose.

Hebrews 13:5
Keep your life free from love of money,
and be content with what you have, for
he has said, “I will never leave you
nor forsake you.”
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