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My love is like a tranquil river
That flows so gently out to the sea
Just like the river grows in size
My love increases in size for thee

And my love is also like the sky
In its height and infinity
For as each day passes it does grow
Past where stars are known to be

My love is also like a cavern
For its depth, no one can perceive
For no matter how far down you go
Its deeper than what you find to be

Yes my love is like a moving river
That flows mightily out to the sea
And just as it always expands in size
My love increases in my heart for Thee
Psalm 119:63
I am your most beloved companion.

1 John 3:1
It is my desire to overwhelm you
with my love.

Ephesians 1:11-12
I chose you when I planned creation.
Wendell A. Brown,
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