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When I think of what you share daily
So bright my day is always made to be
For you are like the sun at its very best
Which God lovingly allows each day to be

For you are all the sweet happiness
Which my heart tightly holds within
And you are also the blissful ecstasy
Which each new morning allows to begin

I always seem to find myself dreaming
Of many new beautiful ways each day
So I will never be without the radiance
Which your heart continues to send my way

Each life moment is made to be so joyful
When I find your love’s light blessing me
Knowing nothing will ever be more priceless
As your genuine embrace of love which I need.

‘Precious memories of love shall abound in
the dreams of many, yet your love shall
be a lasting reality to only me…Deborah’

Paul Militaru is another gifted photographer
whose photos, we are blessed to enjoy in the
Wordpress, blog family. His pictures are
embraced by many in the WordPress blog world
each day. This particular photo and its title
just seemed to embrace this poem. His photo
is titled, ‘Special light,’ You can enjoy his
gems at http://photopaulm.files.wordpress.com.

Paul Militaru,
‘Special light’