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This morning I thought
about the words we shared
while walking last night
that was said…

When I was swept away by
the beauty found alive in
your smile, which makes me
now to feel so glad

From the first moment I saw
your brown eyes, from the
first time my heart embraced
your name

I was swept away by the
beauty my eyes beheld
leaving me knowing I
will never again be the

You would easily inspire
me tomorrow, whenever your
name falls from my lips

And my heart wants to express
in words to you without your
love in my life this new joy I
will miss

Never again will a moment
be found alive, where I will
not desire you to be by my

For to speak your name from
within my heart, I will daily
frame it with lasting words
whose spirit will never die

And in doing so many will come
to understand what the magic
of a new genuine love in one’s
life can provide…

For they might also come to
know the fire which makes a
home inside their heart will
never die

As a certain joy will always
come alive whenever my lips
softly speak your name…

And as each new day comes to
life in our world shared
together, I will never again
be the same….because of you.
of you.


Wendell A. Brown,