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To gaze upon your glowing beauty each day
Fills my heart with the special joy it needs
As happiness finds itself overwhelming me
Your sweet beauty my heart seeks to seize

And I look forward each day to our meeting
So that by chance you might glance my way
Becoming the tender object of my affection
While chasing the loneliness in my heart away

I find my nights to be very lonely now
When in my dreams your face I now see
Knowing I cannot touch or embrace the
Beauty of the sweet love my heart needs

So I know I must find a way to be contented
Until the new days brightness comes my way
Allowing your smile to unlock the nightly bars
That each lonely night keeps us so far away.

(April 1977)

After Finishing Basic Training, I had to attend
A training class at Keesler AFB April the 15th not
knowing how my life would change near the end of
April when I would first met my wife to be. Each
night we had to go to our separate dormitories,
and would not see each other until after class
the next day. In those days, we had many a date
at Mc’Donalds right outside the base gate. We
dated the old fashioned way. We would marry
June 24th, 1977.

Poem – Wendell A. Brown
Image credit – Wendell A. Brown