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I knew you were someone very special
When I embraced your lovely smile today
I knew because of its perfect beauty
I wanted more moments like this to stay

Filling my day with an enchanting blessing
Making my former thoughts easily replaced
For I found myself floating on air today
As I was swept away by your lovely face

I quickly found my mind was easily captured
And my thoughts were no longer mine alone
While my heart began beating very rapidly
I began to dream of making your love my own

Like the leaves falling throughout Autumn
I found myself like a leaf easily swept away
By a refreshing smile leaving me so helpless
Filling me with a strong desire for you to stay

I knew I had to find many new ways each day
That you might for a few moments notice me
Because since the first time I saw your face
I knew my heart would never again be free

I had to choose the perfect time and place
Where we might be able to sit side by side
So I might have the chance to let you know
I really needed you to daily share my life

I found each night when I would try to sleep
The vision of your smile would keep me awake
And my many dreams would be so very beautiful
As within each one, I could feel your embrace

I begin realizing what I always prayed for
Now in my life would become so very real
And the first moment your hand touched mine
That second, for my wanting heart, was ideal

Your love had found a very lovely place
Within my yearning heart that special day
For the blessing of your genuine smile
I knew from my life would never slip away

The treasured beginning was given birth
That moment your lovely eyes embraced me
It was totally reaffirmed in an instant
As you said, you also shared the same dream.

(April 1977)

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