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You are the precious dream
I dream that fills my nights
with warm thoughts of love

You are the One I daily
seek whose special love
my heart always thinks of

You are the One who brings
the amazing joy which my
heart each night finds
it needs

Because LORD, you are my
heaven and earth, and You
are my sweet everything.


Acts 17:24-27
The God who made the world and everything
in it is the Lord of heaven and earth.
He doesn’t live in shrines made by human
hands, and he isn’t served by people as if
he needed anything. He himself gives
everyone life, breath, and everything
else. From one man he made every nation of
humanity to live all over the earth, fixing
the seasons of the year and the national
boundaries within which they live, so that
they might look for God, somehow reach for
him, and find him. Of course, he is never
far from any one of us.

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