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Blessed are those who receive
discipline and correction
from the Father in their daily
walk with Him for their sins

For as the sun rises brightly in
the morning, so they are raised
from their pit of sin and despair

They receive a gracious gift of
love and the knowledge which
goes along with His forgiveness

For the Lord disciplines those
He considers His children and
those he does not, are they not
already considered illegitimate?

Blessed are those also who by
the way they live their lives
each day are already a living
testament to God’s goodness

Those who never heard His voice
yet daily embrace His spiritual
ways already deep within their
hearts and minds, for they will
come to know the Lord and be
saved by His amazing grace and
love as a reward

For God will speak to us one way
or another. In a dream or a vision
deep in the middle of the night
and if we would but listen, will
we not cringe at the sight of the
sinful state in which we live

In repenting, He will place you on
a solid foundation, far from the
your fallow ground that was broken,
and He will cleanse you making
your spirit thrive and blossom again,
before your branch is cut off from
the living vine

For life and pure love comes
from Him alone. It lifts one
out of the pit and makes them
shout, “Father forgive me for
the many sins of my mind and
the darkness of my heart for
nothing is hidden from Your

May the Lord forever bless
and keep you as one of His
and if you feel His discipline,
do not hesitate but humbly
repent of your many sins

May the Lord bless and keep
you as one of His children
so Your faith in Him may be
counted as righteousness and
a pure treasure forevermore.

Hebrews 12:6
because the Lord disciplines the one he
loves, and he chastens everyone he
accepts as his son.”

Psalm 90:12
So teach us to number our days, That we
may present to You a heart of wisdom.

Isaiah 48:17
“This is what the LORD says, your Redeemer,
the Holy One of Israel: “I am the LORD your
God, who teaches you how to succeed, who
directs you in the path by which you
should go.