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She emulated the best traits of the Lord
With all the poems and words she shared
Her arms were always open to everyone
Who embraced her words with open ears

She was not one to ever be judgmental
As grace always filled her heart’s door
When she spoke her sweet words of comfort
You were never the same again for sure

She never let her physical limitations
Ruin her lovely demeanor each new day
Letting all who shared her spirits love
Know they were priceless in every way

Her beginnings were before her day of birth
From her mother’s womb into this world
From beginning times she was very special
As she was one of Gods most treasured pearls

Her ways were like the One who came before
As she served selflessly those she loved and knew
When you found yourself reading her lovely words
You could feel her beautiful face smiling at you

Though she has now passed away from us
Hold this thought in your heart for sure
Her presence was needed again in heaven
To once again sing and delight the Lord

They say parting is such great sorrow
Yet know she has not gone away too far
Her loving spirit will remain so close
To where those she loved always are.

Wendell A. Brown,
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Deborah returned to the Lord on the 15th of January
2014. She had a long crippling battle with MS. I
drew daily from her spirits inspiring well of strength
in dealing with the MS in my daily life. I know she
is doing well in the sweet heavenly embrace of our
Lord’s love. I miss her friendship, her very
Loving, genuine, selfless real spirit, and personality.
She became a true sister and friend to me in my four
plus years of reading her wonderful poems and messages
she shared with us all on her word press blog. I know
she is still missed by many of our sisters and brothers
who enjoyed her poems and writings which she always
shared delightfully as a Loving member of the Word Press
family of bloggers. We shall always remember “The Girl With
The Pen.” Her poems can still be read at
‘Ye Shall Know Me By My Fruits.

(A re-blog)