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I find my mind now begins to daydream
Each and every moment you come near
That even when my eyes begin to close
I see your smile in my mind so clear

All of my thoughts become like a mirror
As your beauty, they capture and hold
Imprinting deep on the walls of my heart
The image which each day lights my soul

My heart and mind being easily captured
While each day new feelings begin to rise
In this lovely game as old as earth itself
As love finds a way to place its gift inside

So many moments I find myself to daydream
On the precious moments when you come near
In vain I try to arrest my feelings for you
As the reason for my falling becomes so clear

Deep within, my heart begins to shine brightly
Much more radiant than a thousand burning suns
As I quietly give in knowing I must remember
The joy I feel comes alive because of only one.

(Written for Deborah, May 1977, one month before
our marriage in June 1977)

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