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The fire within my heart never seems to dim
Nor will the sparkle in your eyes go away
Its radiance will never find itself replaced
By the sunshine which finds my face each day

Soothing are my dreams of your lovely eyes
When you leave for work going away from me
Yet, your image completely floods my mind
As your smiling face is the only thing I see

I feel your heart’s call as you think of me
Feeling your love within each breath I take
While within my daydreams I dance with you
Not wanting them to find a way to dissipate

The purest treasures I find within my life
Will only be found alive each day in you
As the most beautiful acts of love, I see
Find continued life in everything you do

And within my heart, one will surely find
A soothing flame which never seems to die
For it’s always fed as each moment passes
By the alluring sparkle found in your eyes.
When I became totally disabled, I would
always watch my wife as she left for work
and I would be inspired to write about the
sparkle in her eyes which came to life each
new day… 2011.

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