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If I ask you to sit down a moment with me
What would your reply to me sincerely be
If I smiled your way very affectionately
What will your heart choose to feel and see

If I framed the moment that finds life today
Filling its canvas with the glow of your smile
What would you do, might you turn from me
Or the chance to embrace something worthwhile

For sweet beginnings will always be open doors
To the one who is unafraid to take a chance
Will your mind and heart decipher the message
Embracing all the clues in a sweet tender dance

If I said hello to you in a very modest way
But with a sweet gentleness alive in my eyes
Will you ask me to stay a few moments longer
Without ever questioning the real reason why

Would you step out in a great leap of faith
Throwing all your caution to the four winds
Becoming unafraid to tackle what is unknown
Giving the chance for genuine love to begin.

April 1977
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