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There is not enough time
In this day I fear, to tell
Of my hearts most secret

Yet I shall try before the
Darkness arrives and the
Last moments of this day
It will soon be stealing

I look upwardly toward the
The ocean of stars floating
Above my head dreaming of
How it might be

If I was lost in the deep
Darkness of night alone,
And the glow of your smile
I could no longer see

I think of the rain falling
Nourishing the deepness of
My soul as I taste of its
Refreshing kiss

Wondering what it might
Be truly like in my life,
If I could no longer feel
Your hearts embracing bliss

Realizing there will never be
Enough moments in my day to
Let you know how much your
Love means to me

For it might take a lifetime
Or more to find the genuine
Love many hope and desire in
Their lives to come to be.

(June 1977)

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