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The first time that I
Saw you, I could not
Find the right words
To say

What I felt so deeply
Within my heart which
Outwardly on my face
Was now displayed

For the first moment
When I saw you, my
My mind was no longer

Finding as the seconds
Passed by quickly
I found myself losing
All track of time

I knew I would need
You near me, for it felt
Like I would surely fall

And I was no longer the
Same person, for at the
First glimpse of you I
Was falling in love

I wanted to elude you
And time after time I
I would surely try

For I never wanted to
To end up like a leaf,
Falling down from a
Branch so high

But you had captured
My fallen heart and
Your love would simply
Not let me be

I tried so hard to keep
Away from you, but our
Meeting was forsworn
By destiny

For the longer I tried
To stay far away, the
Deeper would become my
Inner blues

And I found it harder to
Stay away because day and
Night I only thought of you

And the realization
Finally embraced me,
Informing my heart
Of its helpless plight

That only one option
Would be available to me,
I had to embrace your Love
To end my sleepless nights

And I sought you out
The next day diligently
With a fervent hope I
Could make you believe

That there would never
Be happiness in my life
Without your love always
Being a part of me.

April 1977, written
During the first week
I saw and met My wife.

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