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You became the light
Within my heart, the
Soft fire that dwells

You became the dream
Now a part of my sleep
As new feelings each
Night would begin

You caused my mind to
Spend time thinking about
Emotions which I have
Become akin

Causing me to sit alone
Pondering the feelings I
Have, as it seems your
Love I would never win

The dream inside my heart
Was to love you, sharing
With you the deepest and
Best parts of my love

Yet at first it seemed a
Hopeless cause leaving me
Thinking who your heart
Each day thought of

When the moment finally
came alive as you spoke
To me the words my ears
Longed to hear

The reality of your love
Embraced my heart with joy
As you spoke the words…
“I Love You, Dear.”

April 28, 1977

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