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Deborah Ann,

Early morning now finds me
Lying awake within my bed
Thinking about the moments
Shared in our lives which
Leave my heart feeling glad

Knowing my life has changed
Tremendously how it would
Never again be the same,
From the first time I saw
Your brown eyes, yes the first
Time my lips spoke your name

Your sweet name has become
A source of strength to me
While lifting me up each day,
Even now when your name falls
From my lips I will still never
Again be the same

What I desire is to express to
You how much I will always love
You so, letting you know there will
Never be a passing moment where
I will ever want to let you go

For to speak out your name from
Within my heart while framing
It with tender words of praise,
Makes It easy to understand the
Reason why I daily feel this way

Because it surely came from that
Incredible moment when you stole
My heart away, and even now your
Eyes still leave me breathless
While your inspiring love still
Causes my heart to sway.

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