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What I find your eyes to do
As they welcome me with your
Love’s embrace I can only
Give a genuine smile in return

For at this lovely moment
Though I feel swept away
In a natural high, I find
A certain joy comes alive
Reminding me how much I
Really love you…

For this day’s beginning is
Much better than any one
Which was shared before with
Your eyes…

As I find there is always a
Vibrant touch that moves
Soulfully into my heart and
Spirit handcuffing me to
Their beauty

My heart is blessed by their
Smile which enchants my mind
Through the radiant eyes which
I view happily…

Finding I am a constant admirer
And companion to them never
Wanting to be released from their
Spellbinding grasp…

For yes this morning I am found
Alive in the most beautiful moments
Of bliss as my heart is dressed by
Your genuine selfless love.

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