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I was always very anxious to be
with you for small moments which
became much larger, and I never
wanted to find a second where I
would be away from your enchanting

Your hearts spirit touched me
with its embracing radiance,
which I lovingly bathed in each
day to the delight of my yearning

I remember trying to resist what
I felt that first moment, when your
eyes touched my escaping breaths
leaving me in a euphoric state,
where I yearned for more time to
be with you

I soon found my heart only answered
to the sound of your hearts voice
whenever you said my name, for every
time you said it I was swept away by its
breathtaking rhythm being knocked right
off my feet

After we married even your mother could
see we would always be one together, yes,
Siamese twins connected by our embracing
lips, and we would never be apart

The prayer which I had prayed long ago
during my single lonely times finally
became real, as the dream it birthed
began to breathe effortlessly, and I
could never let go of its sweetest

For the precious treasure now found in my
life was the genuine selfless love which
became so very real, as I understood during
those early beginning moments I was meant
to love you endlessly.

Photo Image Credit,
Wendell A. Brown