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A wonderful miracle embraced my life
When you came my way that special day
As I received the blessing of your smile
Realizing quickly I wanted it to stay

Who would have ever chance to think
Their heart and mind might be swept away
Without a single word spoken from your lips
Only with a look bidding breath to fade

My heart was embezzled by your brown eyes
With a sheer radiance that would hypnotize
And within them I caught a glimpse of hope
You might find a reason to stay in my life

Tomorrow will I see you come my way again
Might our paths cross some marvelous way
Will my new found hope give birth to joy
Finding the loneliness in my world to fade

For I long for the chance to softly embrace
Many more moments like the ones found today
And to my God in heaven I prayed from my heart
To continue the blessing of you He sent my way.

(April 1977)

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