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My mind is companion to a lovely whisper
Which flows gracefully on currents of air
Joining our hearts in a beautiful forever
Dancing, laughing as one without a care

My mind is embraced by this lovely blessing
The tender essence coming to life each day
As I find your love a breathtaking forever
That in my heart’s garden of love will stay

Your gift and I sharing many serene moments
Living on the energy of blissful love each day
Consistently being blessed by this true miracle
Finding our hearts becoming loves sweet slaves

Though it may seem to be a beautiful daydream
When your hearts whisper I am allowed to hear
Your lips brings to life your loves blessing
While bringing a sweet message to embrace my ears

Continuously I want to receive its inspiration
Which dresses my moments with your love each day
For I enjoy each embrace from your hearts whisper
As it lifts my heart while taking my breath away.

(JAN 2010)

Photo Image Credit,
Scattered Thoughts.