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When the sun comes to life each morning
So wonderfully alive I am made to feel
As I again view its beautiful brilliance
I find its alluring radiance to be unreal

When its wholesome light embraces me
I am made to feel very serene inside
For within me exists a heaven received
From the tenderness found in your eyes

I feel as light as a floating feather
Riding the wind currents in the sky
Realizing why I hold to this feeling
Knowing you are the one real reason why

For when the sun rose softly this morning
So beautiful was my life now made to be
While within my joy became vibrantly alive
By the true beauty of your love’s rhapsody

Finding with each new day’s sweet beginning
There is only one thing which remains true
The morning light will shine even brighter
Because of the priceless love I found in you.

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