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IMG_5966 Wendell A. Brown

Their words lovingly make a daily appearance
With a new days birth, they seem to find a way
Quite like a tremendously beautiful flower
Bringing many gorgeous smiles to life each day

It matters not which heart gives them life breath
Or whose selfless spirit makes them radiantly smile
Their priceless beauties are embraced lovingly by many
As within each one, you will find a love worthwhile

A daily love which generates an awesome true beauty
A unique one which will stand the test of time
Each writer, poet, or photographer believes its true
Finding their creations aging wonderfully like fine wine

God blessed everyone with a taste of His creative bliss
Also of His delightfully joyous genuine touch divine
And He will allow His sweet happiness to stay within us
As long as we praise Him daily in our hearts and minds.

“Dedicated to all of my blogging family who daily
brings to life many new creations each day to share
with us all.”

Photo Image Credit,
Wendell A. Brown,