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What I see each day in your eyes
Will last many endless lifetimes
That quiet fire which burns within
A serene blaze burning without end

It moves my heart in priceless ways
Causing it to feel emotions very real
Sweeping the air from within my lungs
Causing my mind to become quite still

Motionless I am now before your beauty
Which will forever truly stay the same
So heavenly and melodic are the sounds
As my heart’s happiness speaks your name

Such a treasured gift I am blessed with
As true elation into my heart made its way
Making a special home for your love within
As it embraced my heart on our wedding day.

I came across this poem and thought
I would share, the image is from
Google image, the poem was written the
Night of our wedding day.

Wendell A. Brown,
June 24, 1977,
Google Image