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And what can my heart allow,
When even its breath is swept
Away by a single word from
Your lips which inspires…

I am left numb yet still
Feeling, for my heart beats
Heartily because of the love
It feels daily from you

When I touch your hands I
Tremble because I feel the
Genuine blessing which God
Has allowed me to embrace

When I hear your voice I am
Easily swayed from anything
My heart seeks to accomplish…
For it’s tone refreshes my soul

It is wonderful to rest secure in
The intimate embrace of the many
Thoughts which are always alive
Within me of your treasured love

For you have given more to me
Than anyone ever could, because
You were made for me alone, and
I am blessed daily by your sweet
Wholesome essence for you are…
So very wonderful!

(After 40 years, it is still like the
first, as Deborah Ann, I am still in
love with you.)

Wendell A. Brown
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