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When I first saw your smiling face
That first moment I felt its embrace
I knew at that moment I began to believe
You would always be the one for me

Your image would daily haunt my dreams
While filling my heart with pleasantries
And within there were songs I would sing
About your loveliness, I would each day see

Every new awakening moment I would find
There was no place I would rather be
Then by your side living in your presence
Thanking God for what He has made to be

And the whole of me joyfully surrenders
All of what I am and will always be
For I know with you always beside me
How spiritually lovely it will be…

Each day I am blessed by your selfless love.

“Happy 4oth Anniversary Deborah Ann.”
I was trying to decide which poem I
would share with you on our 40th. So
I decided to share more than one…
you inspire the words to come alive each and
every day…I love you much!

Photo Image Credit,
Wendy McDonald.