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The day I first embraced your smile
My heart was quickly swept away
As I heard you say my name I knew
In my, life, your love would stay

The first time you kissed my lips
All my inner breath was taken away
As I felt the softness of your hands
I was left simply without words to say

After 40 years it’s hard to believe
Our selfless feelings haven’t changed
My heart each day still longs for you
And I easily fall in love with you, again

Your smile still embraces my heart, softly
In the most tender and genuine ways
As I find the truest reality of your love
Remains the same treasure without any change

I am still swept away by your beauty
And the way your smile radiantly shines
Knowing I am blessed to receive daily
The gifts which make loving you divine

I find more feelings living deep within me
Which continue to provide a blossoming truth
Each time I awaken to your loves blessing
My heart reminds me again, “I Only Have Eyes For You.”

Happy 40th Anniversary to you Deborah, you are my life’s

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