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I knew your sweet smile
From a dream I once had,
Within my life so very
Long ago…

I knew those brown eyes
For they hypnotized mine,
And of my heart they
would never let go

I knew your beautiful face
For it has never been displaced,
From the very deepest parts
Of my heart and soul

I remember that sweet dream
Because it always now seems,
It’s a priceless reality which
Has never let my heart go.

And in my world you became
That ever priceless pearl,
Who’s blushing love stayed
Never wanting to go away

Because our love is a lasting
Treasure which will know only
Sweet forever’s, past even the
Time of our lives ending days.

“Happy 40th Anniversary, Deborah Ann.”

When I first met my wife it
seemed I had known her long
ago before we were ever born
into this world. That we were
Meant to share the same breath
together for an endless time.

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