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I felt many beginning pains early
Yes so very deep within my heart
Inside I began to feel different
As each day new feelings would start

I found my heart in a sweet turmoil
Bringing my mind to dance in a daze
And the feelings became very addictive
As they simply decided not to go away

The moments of my day were unsettling
And my nights were much the same way too
As the feelings refuse to leave my heart
While finding it happens because of you

I felt the birth of new emotions early on
Yes in the first moments I saw your smile
When the emotions came to life suddenly
Making new moments even more worthwhile

I didn’t even know your name at first
Yet later that night I dreamed of you
Feeling at once you were what I needed
To change my skies from gray to blue

Even wondering why this had come about
How such a smile could do this to me
Causing my heart such a deep unhappiness
During the times your smile I could not see

Why was the sound of your name like music
Whenever your name my ears would hear
Even as friends spoke it in conversation
Realizing to my heart it had become so dear

As I began to treasure its embracing power
To my mind, it readily became plain to see
The reason I felt wonderfully different
Is because your love was only meant for me.

After 40 years of marriage, the same feelings
are still alive, and no value can be placed on
this treasure which stays, “Happy 4oth Anniversary,
my dearest love.”

April 1977 (40 years ago)
(First Meeting Deborah)

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