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I think of you both always,
For you, are the two loves
Who daily accompany me while
The sun shines

Your spiritual essences are
What I feel, though I have
Counted the endless moments
Since you both have left my side

When I dream, you are the
Light that fills my mind
With the love, I yearn to
Feel, for my heart has been
So lonely and even time
Cannot wipe away my tears

When I am alone it is
Unbearable for me, but
Made bearable by the love
Of the One who now enjoys
Your laughter

Though I cry and miss your
Company, I cherish the part
Of both of You which still
Lives deep within my hearts

For you, both have not died,
But in passing, you have taken
A trip ahead of me, where I
Know that you both await me
With open arms

I was made better in my
Life and also stronger,
I endure because of the
power alive in the love
Which you both still share
With Me

And I feel your heartbeats
Still, when I lay alone in
My bed, sometimes feeling
Your kisses upon my cheeks

Finding even though you are not
Here I relish the memory of your
Your love as it comes alive in
My selfish dreams each day

Knowing you are away from me
For only a short time…until
We are together again in our
Father’s Heaven, my two wonderful
Sons, Madison and Ian Brown.

The passing of loved ones is one of
the toughest pains to endure. especially
children, this poem is for all of those
parents who have endured this pain. They
cannot come back to us anymore, but we
can go to them when our time comes. May
God’s peace become a continued mainstay
in your lives…forever.

Matthew 19:14
Jesus said, “Let the little children come
to me, and do not hinder them, for the
kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

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