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The sun is bright the
leaves are green, I
think of you always
the lone vision in my

I hear your voice alive
within soft and sweet,
I think of you quietly
as our eyes now meet

You say you love me
I say it too, I think
of you, a thought not
blue…I think of you..

As I feel the sweet
essence of your lips
my mind now fills with
such a tranquil bliss

Because all the thoughts
of you I think each day
will always make me feel
this very special way

For what I feel to be real
I shall have a great need
to exist in my life as my
one true love reality

And with each passing breath
released from my lips, I
realize each moment I will be
blessed by your kiss…

As the evening now comes
it brings a sweet song,
so beautiful of love
it could never be wrong

For though we might differ
a little in age, know that
true love is never measured
by the time of days

For selfless love becomes blind
as we magically together find
while we sit gazing lovingly
into each other’s eyes

In this beautiful evening
I find it to be very true,
my heart will never again
think of anyone other than

Clouds begin to pass over us
as it starts to softly rain,
I hear you lovingly sigh as
as your voice speaks my name

I feel your tender sweet love
alive deep in my mind, and the
entire whole of me within like
the stars above brightly shine

And the falling raindrops of hope
which fell upon us this night
have given us a sweet freedom as
we shared a treasured love’s light

For we found a perfect place
where our love shall always stay
and in this timeless moment
it simply will not fade

While deep inside our hearts
we will never ever lose
the love binding us together
as our eloquent crowned jewel

Knowing in the times to come
I will always think of you
And in your heart each day
you’ll feel the same way too

And as long as our hearts beat
A blossoming love will remain true
Each day within our shared lives
there will always be me and you.

May 1977
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