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After our first meeting
you went to your dorm
and I began to suffer from
the loss Of your presence

I could hear in my
mind, “where do we
go from here” as the
words began to haunt
my thoughts

I could not regroup
my emotions and the
moments became hard
to handle for they
moved so rapidly

…faster than the winds
of a hurricane

I felt inside of me a power
which now moved my heart
to miss your genuine beauty
and your smile

I grappled with this new
reality as a very special
need was now given birth

I did not know how to
express the feelings
which was now filling
my heart

For during our first
meeting I realized how
love was beginning to
have its way with me
blossoming because of

Yet, you went away that
afternoon and I thought
about my future hope…

That to have a true chance
I would have to set aside my
shyness, seizing the chance
before it was lost to me

Knowing I had to lay hold of
this beautiful gift and work
hard to make you mine.
(April, 1977)

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