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You always waited for me
even when my heart first
dreamed of you

So beautifully patient you
were and so wonderfully
faithful and true

You were where I knew you
would be whenever we could
find the time to meet

Your face would be filled
with an amazing smile that
would knock me off my feet

I knew right away then how
precious you were and you
would mean the world to me

For each day you would always
be waiting for the chance, the
opportunity for us to be

You would never tire of seeing
me always becoming sad when we
would have to part

Yet you told me you needed no
other and you carried my image
each night deep in your heart

When we had to march to our
classes each day, your smiling
face was all I longed to see

And each night as I was alone in
my dormitory room it was only your
smiling face filling my dreams

And just like it was in the
beginning, each new day in our
lives we still find it to be

With each new morning when we
open our eyes the others smile
is what we still long to see.

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