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‘A Grandmothers Love’

Your love each day was my security blanket
Your arms would keep me safe and strong
Your special heart was radiantly genuine
Even loving me whether I was right or wrong

Nothing would ever move me more in my world
Then seeing the soothing glow in your face
Or feeling your kisses as you held me close
Finding the right places upon my face

Every word from your lips greatly inspired me
Your loving touch could easily take my pain away
But when you passed I was left very heartbroken
As I lost my true love and my best friend that day

I remembered thinking I could never make it alone
Without your love and guidance being close by my side
But God allowed you to become my perfect angel
Allowing you to wipe the tears falling from my eyes

I find you are never far away from me still
As I feel the presence of your love each day
And you shall always be my greatest treasure
In my heart where your spirit of love stays.

(Happy Mothers Day – Grandmom)

Photo Image Credit,
brown family portrait.