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Words were softly spoken
causing many beautiful
inner feelings to seed and

As they began to travel
to embracing ears hoping
her awaiting heart might
come this day to know

The glorious intent of the
message he penned, hoping
it might open her mind
to see…

What he was tirelessly
trying to say to her that
in his heart, there was a
deep growing need

He spent the night before
in beautiful dreams as in
each he beheld her lovely face

Trying to dress his desire
in the right words bringing
to life a beauty which would
cause her to smile his way

His efforts were rewarded
as his quest for the right
words came radiantly to life
the next day…

Bearing seed while giving
her beautiful smile a very
genuine reason to happily
turn his way…

As he spoke from his heart
that he needed her selfless love
in his life to make him smile
each and every day.

(April 1977)

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