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As the grass, each day needs the fallen rain
I need you in my life darling so much more
As the sky above needs the embrace of clouds
I need you more and in my heart I’m sure

Could a bee stay alive without a taste of honey
Or a living tree barren without birthing leaves
Or an ocean move without splashing waves
Without you, I’m like a ship that’s lost at sea

Without heaven how could one find true paradise
Or one find pure love without the grace of God
How can one find happiness in beautiful things
Without the miraculous touch of a priceless love

I would be like a flower not tasting life rain
Or the dark night sky without a star’s radiant light
For without your warm tender love always beside me
I would find Living my life never again to be right

For as the grass each day needs newly fallen rain
As the sky needs the clouds above to daily embrace
I will always have a deep longing within my heart
To receive the priceless gift from your smiling face.

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An early anniversary poem
To my wife, our’s will be
on the 24th of June this year
and will be the 40th!