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Your soft beautiful smile embraces me
When I find you, my love, to come near
In my heart at those precious moments
Finding as it happens I shed quiet tears

Full of the deep and true genuine happiness
Which my heart gives birth to each new day
Never leaving me to question or even reason
Why in my life I really wanted you to stay

I find the moments of joy we spend together
Will perfectly frame our images deep inside
Making them truly perfect lovely treasures
Whose true blessing our hearts will never deny

I love embracing the daily serenity of your smile
Which I find in my life is destined to now stay
Constantly embracing my world with its blessings
As its enchanting beauty steadily takes breath away

My heart is constantly inspired by its exquisite glow
While my soul is daily refreshed by its soulful energy
Making it possible for me to love you freely each day
Enjoying the precious love blessing you bring to me.

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