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Friday had been the saddest day
That my young life has ever known
The loneliness which my heart felt
Just would not leave me alone

The clouds which filled the afternoon
With their darkness and their dread
Left remorseful feelings alive inside
Along with emotions which seemed dead

As the sun rose this morning I awakened
Finding the moment still haunting my dreams
With its sadness and gloom embracing me
I searched to find joy in most anything

From what my eyes had seen to transpire
On that sad, dark Friday afternoon
I began to pray what has been prophesied
Would come to fruition so very soon

As the last twenty-four hours ticked away
The hope in my heart slowly began to rise
Beginning to beat with a steady rhythm within
Waiting for the prophesied moment to arrive

I saw many in the room praying around me
How their faith began to slowly slip away
Not believing what was soon to come about
Would surely inspire a stronger faith today

My heart anxiously awaited the coming moment
Anticipating the new joy it would soon receive
As I felt the soft touch of the Holy spirit
I could feel my faith growing deep inside of me

My ears now heard many captivating melodies
Embracing me from the direction of His tomb
And upon hearing the hearty voices of angels
I sensed my Savior would be coming back soon

As we were kissed by a beautiful dawning
A genuine happiness swept my sadness away
As my Lord replaced it with a lasting bliss
While rising to life on this perfect day.


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