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I slept alone yet you stayed
with me at my side…and when
the demons tried to disturb my
slumber Your Spirit brought
peace to my world

You never left my side, even
after I awoke in the middle
of the night, You calmed
my nerves with your soft
caress and made my world
quiet and serene

You then filled my dreams
as I fell back to sleep with
the bliss that only heaven can
bring…so sound, so tranquil,
and heavenly

And I did not sleep alone
for You, Lord are my security
blanket and when my eyes
opened in the morning…
I praised you for the peace
and joy it found.

Reminding me, You alone are
my greatest treasure.

Bible.Org:Three reasons why we should treasure
God above all else: Psalms 73: 21-28

Because He is faithful to us in our failures
Ps(73:21-24); because He is the only One who
can satisfy and sustain us both in time and
for eternity Ps (73:25-26); and, because He has
rescued us from judgment so that we can take
refuge in Him and tell of all His works
Ps (73:27-28).

Photo/Quote Credit,
Old Quotes.