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A very special blessing happened in my life
That precious moment when you turned my way
As I embraced the special look in your eyes
I quickly found myself simply wanting to stay

Never dreaming a time like this might happen
That I would see my mind easily blown away
Without a single word from your lovely lips
Only with a special look which takes breath away

My heart today was embezzled by your brown eyes
Even though it seemed they were too far away
Yet, I caught a tiny glimpse of beckoning hope
In my life, there would be a chance you’d stay

Would I once again see you in my life tomorrow
Or might our paths cross again this lovely day
Will my new-found hope give birth to lasting joy
While finding true happiness in my world to stay

For I longed for a chance to softly embrace
Many more moments like the one I found today
So I prayed from my heart to my God in heaven
To once again bring your precious smile my way.

Wendell A. Brown,
© April 1977
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