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I rather see the painted sunrise
in breathtaking beautiful hues
awakening to bless the new break
of dawn

I would rather see a mother deer,
nursing so lovingly the apple of
her eye, the love of her heart,
her young frolicking fawn

I would rather see a flower
gently opening its petals waiting
to receive the embrace of a special
drop of sunshine within, which it
knows it daily needs

I rather sit below the sky seeing
how the clouds gently tease it ever
so lovingly and I rather hear the
sweet buzzing around the flowers
from the honeybees

I rather embrace a raindrop
after it splashes gently on my face
I rather see a day of peace
where all hurts and pains are released

I would love to see the abuse of women
end, seeing them treated and accepted
as equals to men, for they are the sweet
strength of our lives, which can perfect
within our hearts and minds a special new

I would rather never see a hand raised
unless it’s there to soothe the pain
I never want to see hurt inhabit
this world , only positive lasting change

I rather see the deep precious beauty
of a very special smile, one who has
learned to truly love another
bringing heavenly change in their
lives, so daily all the while

For I rather see us love each other
in a genuine precious way
So when we awaken tomorrow
we find all spirits to be the same

One love, one spirit one joy, one truth
with no pain.

Wendell A. Brown
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