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My love, so bewitching are
your powers, you hold me close
though sometimes we are apart
separated by time and space, yet
you still love so very strong

You love me as I love you with
warm embraces and fiery kisses
of bliss that leaves a tenderness
never felt before for my mind
to daily embrace and reminisce

And now I am lost forever in the
pool of brown, that gives life to
your eyes and I find myself never
wanting to live without you in my life
because the loneliness in my world
I could never again endure

The moments I spend with you are my
sweet petals of joy, before whose
essence and beauty on my knees I bow,
as I feel your spirit of love coming
near to me

Finding my heart anxiously awaiting
the alluring sight of you today…
because I want and need you now,
forever in my life.

(May 1977)