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The sin which I would do, I have
found I will no longer do, for
the death of my sin in Christ has
delivered me to a selfless rebirth
and new life through Christ before
the living God, who is our Father
in heaven

It is such a joy to taste of
this freedom, that unlocks
all the parts of the body
to be in mutual service
to the Lord of all things

I count myself to be the
the most blessed of all
humans, and yet I am not
alone, as with Elijah, when
trying to hide from Jezebel
in the cave, he found that
he was not alone, for the Lord
God saved seven thousand
in Israel who were alive
and well in His service

For the Lord has set aside
many for His service all
around the world, because
He wants His message to be
carried to many, that they might
escape the coming wrath of the
living God. For He is complete
in His nature and all things
will reach such a state, as He
has commanded it to be from the
very beginning

Do not be naïve to this, for
through Isaac was the promise
fulfilled with his wife having
two twin sons and it was spoken by
God that the older shall serve the
younger, and again, “Jacob I loved,
and Esau I hated.” So it is not by
works that we received such a blessed
reward but by the grace of the only
living God.

For surely it is written
broad is the way to destruction
and many will find it, and
narrow is the way to life and
few will find it.

You bask in the luxuries of life,
And yet you are deluded, because
all which is worldly will fade away
and not all will be saved. For God
loves those whom he chooses, for
there will be some who in the end,
are not called the children of God,
who will become His children by
His choice.

There is a choice now, one among this
worlds living, to taste of His grace,
that we may now enjoy, and share this
blessing with others, this amazing
message of undeserved grace, that
they might not be lost but saved, as
the people of Nineveh in Jonah’s time.

Be not deceived, for we do not choose
as the Lord chooses. For He does not
choose by outward appearances, nor is
He blind to our inward thoughts, but God
chooses by what only His Spirit is able
To see, and know, that which is unknown to
the sight and hearing of a man or a
woman’s eyes, and ears, but is only
known to the Father of all living things.
for he sees the true hearts and souls alive
in the living spirits of all who breathe.

Become the useful tool of the Master
potter, that you may become acceptable
in His sight and a loved one in His
eyes. For His memory is eternal, but
even more infinite in time is His grace,
“For the wages of sin is death, but the
gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus
our Lord.”
Romans 6:23
November 1976 ©
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