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I saw you all as you began to question
I saw it written deep in your many faces
As your heart was moved to condemn Me
Within all your eyes, I saw sins traces

As each word from your lips reminded you
Of the many failures found in your lives too
As your sins from your hearts moved forward
Without knowing, you were also judging you

You realized the many sins you now saw
Which you were trying to condemn Me with
You also saw you shared many of the same sins
Finding as you tried to judge all is now amiss

For I took the sins of the entire world upon Me
Because of my compassion and deep love for you
Knowing at that terrible moment of my death
I would still forgive you for all your sins too

For the Lord God has spoken with his word
That one who claims they are without sin
Is really a liar without a speck of truth
As sin appeared in each new life’s beginning.

Be careful how you judge one another today
For with the same penalty, you try to place
A time comes when with the intensity you judge
You one day will be judged in that same way.

Today we see many judging another without taking
the plank, out of their own eyes…without looking
at their lives truthfully. Jesus was judged by the
leaders and many of the people in His time. They
were led by a different spirit…not Gods! Can we
imagine what His eyes saw the day he was crucified
when the masses chose Barabbas instead of Him! We
should be careful how we judge others! God bless
you, and may your day be blessed with His grace
and love…though the path to destruction is wide,
the narrow path to eternal life is still open and
there is still time for one to make the choice to
embrace Gods salvation through Christ Jesus!

Matthew 7:1
Do not judge, or you will be judged. For with
the same judgment you pronounce, you will be
judged; and with the measure you use, it will
be measured to you.
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