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You were with me in a spiritual time
Before I was born into the flesh
Long before I took my first breath
You were a part of my life then,
The best part of my soul and spirit
The deepest part of my heart

When I was young there was always
an emptiness that could not be filled
within its walls, because I was gone
from your side and the happiness I
once knew

When I became a teenager, I would
dream about that missing essence
of love in my heart that you alone
would abundantly fill one day with
your selfless love

When I became an adult there was
nothing which would make me feel
more exuberant or inspired than
the dream vision of you which let
me know my heart would be full
once again in time

Then we met and I heard the calling
of your voice as it embraced my ears
and heart again allowing me to know
that quiet heavenly hymn from my past
shared with you before we were born
into this world

Once again, I felt the sincerity and
deep wholeness never seen by human eyes
before, the best of love only God could
create for He made us be two equal sides
of the same golden coin

Doing so to His delight so I would answer
only to the call of my soul mate, the only
one whom when she would say my name would
make a captive of my heart once again…

I loved you before my time in this world
became a reality always adoring you long
before you were born and had taken your
first breath

I loved you before we were separated
by my earthly birth when I was taken
from your presence and would no longer
be near to you, as you became to me
and alluring vision which would fill
my dreams so many sleepless nights

I have loved you now every day when my
freedom from the trappings of this world
was embrace by your loveliness for I was
already born a twin to your love, gladly
receiving a hearts imprisonment once again
by heavenly bars as our God already
predestined to be before the beginning
of time
This is the first Valentines poem I wrote for
my wife, when I was inspired by God’s spirit
while reading His word 39 years ago, and I thought
I would share it again. I will share two poems

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