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You are my rock, whom else shall I turn to
You have held me in your arms since I was
Born, you have nourished me with a great
Abundance of your grace and love

I have danced in delight before the One
Father who has nourished my spirit with
The eternal power of His spirit leaving
No doubts that You would always be close
To me

When I was sick Lord, you comforted me
When I was hungry you fed me your
living bread, when I needed knowledge
You made wisdom and understanding my
Sisters and your spirit my great teacher
And guide, and I have never been alone
Without You

When I fell prey to the lusts of this
World, you corrected me while chastising
Me as a dutiful Father should, Your hand
Has always been upon me whether for good
Reasons or bad…which was for my good
That I may learn your ways, and I have
Surely been blessed

You have kept me from my adversaries,
Those who sought to make me fall, You
Have shown them your power, for you
Kept me gently in the palms of your
Mighty hands while you showed me that
I was special in your eyes

And I shall always depend on your love
And strength and my heart shall cleave
Close to your love, for I desire to be
Present in your presence all the days of
My life.


Psalm 16:11
You will show me the path of life; in Your presence
is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures

Psalms 16:7
I will bless the Lord who has given me counsel; My
heart also instructs me in the night seasons. I
have set the Lord Always before me; Because He is at
my right hand I shall not be moved.
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