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I find there is never a morning
Or the beginning of a new day
When I find my eyes to awaken
That I won’t think of you some way

I find myself often dreaming of heaven
Pressing my mind for thoughts of you
Calling upon the angels above to help me
Receive precious insight in all you do

A sunrise can’t reach a completed state
Nor will the sky reach a crystal blue
Unless Your spirit calls them to life
By the supremacy of your word so true

Now being blessed with your kiss of life
From my slumbering I find myself to rise
As I discover there will be no light here
Unless your living word fills my heart inside

Isaiah 50:4
The Sovereign LORD has given me a
well-instructed tongue, to know the
word that sustains the weary. He
wakens me morning by morning, wakens
my ear to listen like one being
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