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You are the bread of life,
I hunger and thirst for you,
Having a fervent need to have
You in my life each and every

For God, the Father has spoken
Making it so simple and clear,
Believe in my Son and eternal
Life in all its abundance will
Be yours

Where are they who want treasure
And riches beyond belief, can their
Eyes see beyond heavens gates, for
The riches they crave are worldly
And will perish

The bread they yearn for goes
Stale, and as they eat and drink
They are never satisfied for more
Than short moments, and they
Begin their worldly cycle again

But drink from my living water
And you will become full, eat of
My flesh and you will never hunger
Embrace my love and your spirit
will be nourished

Seek Me out and I will give
You eternal life, believe I am
He the One who my Father and
The Holy Spirit speak of…

and in heaven, there will be a
place prepared for you eternally.

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