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When I first gazed into your eyes
I never had to really reason why
Why my heart began to truly fly
Like the stars that light the sky

I needed not to really understand
What seeing you had really meant
I only know when I saw your face
I fell deeply in love with you

Dreams began dancing in my mind
As sweet melodies made their bed
While thoughts of falling in love
Made their presence felt in my head

With stars shining brightly above
I really never needed to understand
What seeing you now really meant
Or why on you now my time was spent
I only knew I fell in love with you

The only words my heart could say
Were those my lips let slip away
For here in my world, you now stay
Chasing any loneliness within away

Now sad dreams I no longer embrace
For beside me your love will live
I never needed to really understand
What first seeing you really meant
I only know I fell in love with you

So sweetly I fell in love with you
Completely I fell in love with you
So deeply I fell in love with you
All I know now in my heart is you.

Written in May 1977, to bring
a smile from my future wife’s
face. I thought I would share
it today as she is not feeling
well to bring her beautiful
smile alive this morning!

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