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Love is when I see you
within a thought,
envisioning your eyes
as radiant stars brightly
shining in the early midnight

Love is when you do not
speak to me, yet I see
your eyes, knowing everything
your heart wants to say

Love is when I’m not with you,
yet you are with me, for all
my thoughts and dreams are
only of you

Love is when I kiss your lips,
causing that special smile of
yours to appear, while you softly
blush as you say you love me,
for you are a true love to me…

And what was once simply a hope,
or a wishing dream for a hopeless
fool in love is now an eternal

For in love, we have found a natural
beauty to come alive sharing its
embracing bliss daily in our lives

For in love, we have a lasting
and wonderful forever, which
first came about in the grace
and love placed within our hearts
by the One who is the Creator of
genuine Love.

Photo Image Credit,
My friend and sister,
Wendy McDonald, Facebook.