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A silent dream
Once was mine alone
To share with the
Loneliness of my

A silent dream
Was the only thing
That could console
The many empty parts…

Of a lonely heart which
Sought so restlessly,
To find a love which it
Could claim

Whose sweetness could
Lift up a spirit,
Inspiring it to gently
Speak out her name

This silent dream was
Once my only friend
For many days and as
Many years…

And inside the walls
Of this cold, cold
Dream was found
Written my heart’s
Many tears

Yet as a daffodil
Reaches upwards
Toward the sun, my
Heart found itself
One day reaching out
To you

On that wonderful day
When we first spent
Moments together, I
Realized within grew
A great need for you

And I had to grasp this
Reality of your love’s
Happiness, and the priceless
Smile you alone possessed

For I knew I had found
The long-lost key, which
Now would set my heart
Free from unhappiness

I found the once silent
Dream to blossom much
Like a rose receiving
A kiss from the newly
Risen sun…

For it was finally filled
With a true genuine reality,
That moment my heart,
Your Heart had won.

(April 1977)
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